Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LOOK who’s two!! (ANd dEfinitely acTs likE iT)

Wow.  This boy!!

You take the term “busy!” to a whole new level. 

You keep all 4 of us constantly on our toes, as we have to know where you are and what you are doing at. all. times.

Which brings me to my next adjective.


On average, I probably take away remotes, cell phones, home phones and any other naughty electronic you can get your grubby little hands on a hundred times a day!

The routine goes like this: You go over to the desk, pick up my cell phone, see that you’ve been spotted, and then your fingers start moving super fast, pushing every button possible and your feet start moving super fast and panicky because you know it will be repossessed momentarily.  As I near you, you run.  By the time I catch you, you have received quite a scolding, and you are usually pretty upset.  You are sent to the corner, where you will moan and howl and try to escape until your sentence is finally up.  I will set my phone down and go back to what I am doing, and you will walk right back over and pick up my phone.


You will disappear suddenly and eerily and as soon as I realize it, I panic.  As I run upstairs, I know right where to find you.  For months, it was up at the counter, playing with my makeup.  If C’s door was left open, it would be up on her bed, playing with her music, or down on her floor, playing with her humidifier.  You also have an affinity for toothbrushes and toothpaste.  When Daddy got his new office, that became your new favorite hideaway as Daddy never shut the door and also used to have a stash of Dove chocolates that you knew all about.  You would climb up on his desk, stand on his computer keyboard, and we would find you with about 5 or 6 chocolates in your mouth and on your face and 3 or 4 more in each hand, wishing you could chew faster.  I think Daddy believed after his constant reprimanding that you would eventually give up in fear and discontinue this habit.  Let’s just say there is no longer candy up there, and it’s not because Daddy wisely moved it to a new location!

“Destruction Master!”

You have destroyed more of my home d├ęcor, personal possessions, Christmas decorations, etc. than the other two children combined!  My candles have no wicks, my digital picture frame no longer stands, my makeup collection has been replaced, my carpet is full of milk and string cheese, our hardwood is all scratched, our computer (and Nana’s) have ink, marker and led stains, our ornaments have no hooks, our gifts have been unwrapped, our doors have no stoppers and I’m pretty certain we’ve quadrupled our paper supply since you began living here with all the wasted wipes, tissues and toilet paper.  And speaking of the way you handle paper products- you destroy them.  You tear them to shreds like a little hamster or empty them into toilets.  When you have an important paper or card of the kids’, you crumble it in your hand before it can be confiscated.  You also enjoy dumping out your sippy cups.  Just for fun.


You’ve picked up some mighty disgusting habits, and from whence they came I do not know.  I just hope they don’t last!  The first involves you playing in your own messy diapers.  Ewww.  We began implementing onesies to curb this one. 

And the second involves your boogers and your mouth.  Double ewww.  Today you still pick, but at least sometimes you now request a wipe.


You are the first one awake every morning of our lives.  And no amount of coercion can get you sleeping, resting, or TV viewing without first getting you your breakfast.  Trust me, we’ve tried everything.  And you no longer let your brother get you out of bed because you are convinced he’s not competent enough to feed you.


What was your favorite word for about 6 months??  “No!”  While sometimes funny, this word lost its humor on more than one occasion.  In public, it actually caused much embarrassment as you made me appear to have no authority or control by saying “no” to me repeatedly.  And let’s face it, much as I wanted to, I wasn’t desperate enough to beat you publicly, so instead I had to be that mom who shakes her finger at her kid who just laughs back and tells her “no” once again! 

I would say to you “Don’t tell me ‘no.’  Say, ‘okay, Momma.’”  And you would say “uh-tay, Momma.”  And then I would ask you the question again and you would say “No!”  But you’re getting better at saying “uh-tay” and handing over the object you stole these days.


You love, love to take things and tease.  It is a game that you always hope will end with a good chase.  And as you giggle and I chase you for the gagillionth time, just so I can change your diaper, I’m secretly suppressing my own laugh because the truth is little boy, you melt my heart!!  And everyone else’s heart who meets you.  I suppose this is one of the many reasons we keep you around . . .


Grandmas, Grandpas and complete strangers alike take such a liking to you, cuz you are absolutely adorable, spunky, happy and hammy.  Your sister will not even let me joke about selling you to the zoo.  She falls apart.  She and your brother coddle you to no end.  They are great little babysitters and are always quick to rat you out.  They also attempt to take discipline into their own hands.  They sound like little mini me’s as they threaten, countdown and banish you to the corner.  But their favorite is to rescue you.  You may be a tad bit spoiled . . .

“Teddy bear!”

Did I mention you give the best hugs known to man?  Your kisses are a different story, as u tend to hoard them, but you are the huggiest, snuggliest creature I have ever met!  I could live off those hugs alone.  When you’re tired, scared, happy, sad, in trouble, cold, hyper, . . . you lay your head down on mine or Dad’s shoulder and hug all the way down to your toes.  I can’t help but be reminded of a little monkey each time.  The best is when you are “toad” (cold) and you basically curl into the fetal position on our chests.  You hug your brother and sister often as well.  You run to them when Mom and Dad are either ‘frustrated’ or not around.  You run to the opposite parent than the one who is scolding for a hug as well.   You are especially keen on your dad, and at moments, you act like Mom is some strange woman you’ve never seen before in your life.

You LOVE your sleep.  Although you don’t sleep long or a lot, you will get your nap, be it on Dad at church or on the kitchen floor.  We have numerous pictures of you asleep at the counter, on the floor and on people.  You ask for your nap and you get excited when you spot your bed, “bankies” or your “bubbies” (buddies- blanky bears).


You are so lovie!  You get so excited to see Dad, and your brother and sister.  You will yell their names and run at the sight of them.  You yell their names all day long.  You already paged C on a regular basis, but around your birthday your annunciation became clearer and no longer began with a “Y.”   You also began saying your own name, and after a few weeks it became pretty clear too.  And the way you say “M’s” name just makes me giggle.  Sometimes it begins with an “uh,” which we’ve heard before.  But I think you are the first to begin it with a “gulg!”

You say “Hi Momma,” (or Dadda, or M or C) thousands of times a day in a way that is so loving!  And your “I wuv u” has just gotten cuter and cuter.  I love the way you throw “Momma” on the end of most of your phrases.

Around the time of your birthday, you had developed a serious love for “Mi-mee.”  (Mickey)  Though once again, after about a month, his name too has become very clear.  You request to watch him on TV all the day long and your hot dog dance and shout out to “Toodles” truly make my heart smile. 

Even though you have never really watched Elmo, you love that little guy too!


You are so full of joy!  You love to run, jump, play, sing and dance.  You are the earliest of my singers, recognizing songs such as “Tonight,” (Hot Chelle Ray) “Remind Me,” (Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood), “Jingle Bells” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and the alphabet from the moment they come on.  And in your true style, you also imitate all the instruments and noises throughout every song you hear.

Your dances are hilarious, some of them looking rather Latin, or containing a chicken wing.

Even though we got you numerous animal puzzles and pictures to convince you otherwise, most animals remain as “goggies” and most fruit will always be “apples.”

You have quite the squeal.

You love to wrestle like a crazy man, especially with your brother!

You love the outside and as a result, shoes.  They used to be “oohs,” then “jews” and now “yous.”  Whatever their name, you love to put them on and never take them off, not even for naps so that you are always ready to “pway” “owt-ide.”

You previously began putting together 2 word sentences, mainly possessive such as “Momma’s shoes,” but now crack me up with phrases such as “och owt, Momma!” (watch out), “What the?” “Daddy, r u?” 


It is so adorable the way you say “Thank you” whenever anyone gives you anything because you sound so sincere.  I love it!

“Good eater!”

You are so fun to feed because although you won’t eat everything, you eat quite a bit compared to some other picky eaters your age.  You are the first toddler I’ve had that I can just feed a sandwich!!  You would drink “mik” all day and for some reason have always called water “alco.”  The kids think you are just a genius who knows Spanish.  So it has evolved to “alqua,” and also now describes milk.  Cracks us up how much it does not sound like the real word.   


The other day as I was wrapping ribbon on the garland, you, of course, took off with the remaining spool.  Recognizing I was not happy, you quickly wrapped the ribbon around your neck like a scarf and said to me “tuoot.” (Cute).  Of course my heart melted and I did giggle.  This is a prime example of the topsy turvy emotions you put us through on an hourly basis.  Though I have never used the words “pill” (an old fogie term) or “naughty” more in my entire life than I have in the last two years, who could ever stay mad at that face and sparkling personality??!!!  Especially when you climb up for a full body hug as soon as you sense discontent??!

I watched the exact thing happen with Dad the other night after a bath when he was on the floor attempting to dress you.  You took off completely naked and as Dad called after you in frustration, your sprint turned into a gallop/ chicken wing dance and I watched as Dad’s scowl melted and softened.  By the time you leapt into his arms and climbed up him for a big naked hug, he was giggling right along with you.

We love you little brown-eyed monkey! You have our hearts in the palm of your hand!! Glad u are ours forever!!!!!

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