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Danny's IPhone Sep 13 2012 040


Danny's IPhone Sep 13 2012 041

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Bad woord



Behold the tri state area


See Sam

Christmas party

Pronouns “me did”

“tired to walking”

lub it


spot with Snells


blaming others

scared of thunder

tea parties



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After having E, I was having trouble with severely irregular cycles.

When I finally went in, they discovered I had high levels of prolactin, which caused them to suspect a tumor on my pituitary gland that caused me to produce those high levels.

A CT scan confirmed those suspicions.

The simple solution was a medication that caused me to produce less prolactin to begin the ovulation process.

I was also given Clomid for good measure.

One month later, I was pregnant with J.


When I didn’t begin ovulating at the usual 6-8 month post partum mark that I usually do, I figured it was because I was training for a marathon.

After I quit nursing, I still didn’t start any cycles.

And after my marathon, still nothing.

I waited a few months before deciding that I better go in, in case I was experiencing more of the same problem I’d had before.

My lab work revealed high levels of prolactin and failure to ovulate, once again.

So we began the same process once again.

I did ask the doctor what my odds of conceiving multiples were, and he told me I had a 5% chance of having twins.


The first month did not work, so I called in to refill my Clomid prescription.

Unfortunately, my doctor was not in and the nurse had to take care of it. 

She told me that had the doctor been in, he probably would have given me a higher dose, but she was not allowed to.

So I began month two of my meds plus the Clomid.

My cycles were horrible and I had tons of side effects.

Even worse was knowing I’d done it to myself!!


Anyway, two months was all it took, and we were pregnant!

I suspected it before even taking the test because I was getting up in the night to use the restroom, had super intense heart palpitations and, oh yah, I was already showing!

After the test confirmed it, I made an appointment with my doctor.

D joked from the beginning that we were having “doubles.”

We knew we wanted/were supposed to have two more, but I couldn’t fathom the thought of doing this whole process again plus another pregnancy!

He joked so much about twins that he actually wanted to come to my first appointment to hear the announcement.

I told him he was sick and was going to make himself feel disappointed when he found out there was only one baby in there!

I made him stay home with the kids and when I got to the doctor, he teasingly said “Let’s count babies!” before beginning the ultra sound,

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A's spring 2013 031




A's spring 2013 004A's spring 2013 005A's spring 2013 006A's spring 2013 007

A's spring 2013 008

A's spring 2013 009

A's spring 2013 010



Lagoon with friends

A's spring 2013 011



Someone has a buddy

A's spring 2013 012



Girls’ Day out

A's spring 2013 014




Random picture of my boys’ blessing outfit

A's spring 2013 015



Playing with Daddy

A's spring 2013 016




A's spring 2013 017





Krispy Kreme and friends


A's spring 2013 018A's spring 2013 019

A's spring 2013 020

A's spring 2013 021

A's spring 2013 022



A's spring 2013 038




Pretty bebe

A's spring 2013 023

A's spring 2013 024

A's spring 2013 025

A's spring 2013 026

A's spring 2013 027

A's spring 2013 028

A's spring 2013 029

A's spring 2013 030

A's spring 2013 054





1st lemonade stand of the season

May 20 2013 237May 20 2013 238

May 20 2013 239

May 20 2013 240


Get Air Trampoline with cousins

May 20 2013 243

A's spring 2013 055


A's spring 2013 056






A's spring 2013 057


A's spring 2013 058



My widdle puppy dog


A's spring 2013 053A's spring 2013 052





Coloring eggs

May 20 2013 244



May 20 2013 245May 20 2013 246May 20 2013 247May 20 2013 248May 20 2013 249






Easter best!!


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@ Nana’s with baby

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