Saturday, July 30, 2011

sTill mAy???

That’s right.  Shoot me. 

I am just now approaching Memorial DAy, which was far too rainy to head to the Georgetown cabin. 

So, we made a trek to Poky instead. 

And naturally, it was a huge success. 

From barbecues, to breadsticks (of course), to watching Tangled (think we like that movie?) on the projector with the perfect homemade popcorn.

These Sudweeks’ never leave any detail unattended!!



Our movie Night:::


Peanut gallery

2011 May 0282011 May 029



2011 May 030

Techy- with his tongue out2011 May 033




Mr. Intense2011 May 032

2011 May 034

2011 May 042



My MommySmile  (and my husband who still struggles with our camera):

2011 May 0372011 May 0382011 May 039


Again.  He struggles:


2011 May 041

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Friday, July 29, 2011

thE nEw dO

Since I have been known to do things like color my hair brown for 6 months and take no pictures to prove it,

or attend D’s class reunion without any photo record of the entire event;

I am determined to do better. 

And Since I have been a blonde with ultra short hair the vast majority of my life,

this new ‘do (which I have been wanting for quite some time) is a major change for me.

But I’m kinda likin’ it, even though I still feel like an imposter who is too old and homely to pull it off.




2011 May 019

2011 May 020

2011 May 021

2011 May 022

2011 May 023


Alright there’s a little too much solo work here.

Here’s some with the cute hubby.

2011 May 027

2011 May 026

2011 May 025


And that would be zoom.  Oops

2011 May 024


And some of her too.


2011 May 018

2011 May 017

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soMe moRe basEbaLL

By the end of the season, my kids were pros at hitting the ball every time, even C. 

She told me after one game, “Mom, I did somefing wifout da somefing” (hit the ball without the T). 

I was pretty proud, especially considering she cried the first few games because “she didn’t like that game” and everyone “made her run too much.”

But she sure was the cutest little T-ball player around. 

M loved batting.  Fielding, not so much.  He could be seen picking up dirt and throwing it in the air as the ball went by.


2011 May 003

2011 May 0052011 May 007

2011 May 009


summer 2011 005

summer 2011 004






And cousin Jentri

summer 2011 006



summer 2011 0032011 May 010



We got M a little more official looking by about mid season.  No more sweats and Ops.



End of the year pizza and water balloons.

summer 2011 007summer 2011 008

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

prEscHool GraduAtion



May is when D’s schedule started becoming really hectic, so I had to get me and all 3 kiddos ready and out the door for preschool graduation.  Then I had to hold the babe while video taping and taking pics.  I deserve a medal for being the best mom EVER!!


2011 May preschool grad 0012011 May preschool grad 0022011 May preschool grad 0042011 May preschool grad 0052011 May preschool grad 006

2011 May preschool grad 007




He deserves a medal for being the Cutest baby EVER!!!

2011 May preschool grad 008


2011 May preschool grad 009





Coolest teachers EVER!!


2011 May preschool grad 0312011 May preschool grad 032



M’s teachers said that he is going to rock at kindergarten and that he is a great friend to everyone, a great helper and amazing at math.  We already knew the first three, but have since come to learn the latter for ourselves as he is multiplying by 10’s at home!!  We pretty much think he rocks and is the smartest 5 year old EVER!!!



2011 May preschool grad 0132011 May preschool grad 0272011 May preschool grad 0102011 May preschool grad 0112011 May preschool grad 012

2011 May preschool grad 016

2011 May preschool grad 0182011 May preschool grad 0302011 May preschool grad 024



C kind of suffers from ‘second child syndrome’ and is not as far ahead of schedule as her brother was.  But her teachers think she is pretty awesome and told us that she is super smart, right on track for next year and loves makeup and princesses!!  We already knew all of this because we think she is the prettiest princess EVER!! 


2011 May preschool grad 0162011 May preschool grad 022

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