Sunday, June 26, 2011

FloriDa 2011


Let me just set up this scene for you:

Home from our cruise for 4 days before we find ourselves boarding a plane to Florida. 


This time with all 3 kiddos in tow. 

After a long plane ride, nasty airport food and lots of “Are we in Disneyworld yets?” we board a taxi. 

Total de ja vu from a week ago.

  The hotel is amazing and after waiting in the long line to check in, we ride the glass elevator up to our little suite that overlooks the pool.

Scratch that. 



The kids immediately start stripping off their clothes and running back towards the elevator all suited up.

We take a once around at all the options and settle on a nice little shallow kiddie pool.

Looks harmless enough. 

Mom is the photographer (nothing new here) while Dad gets to dive in with the kids (nothing new there either).


I get a few mediocre shots of Dad with timid E, and the other two back flopping into the water.

Haha, Dad still has his awesome shoulder sunburn from when Mom ‘lathered’ him up in the Caribbean.




2010 April- Florida 6992010 April- Florida 7002010 April- Florida 7012010 April- Florida 702



Then they all 4 start goofing off. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I see M ‘bump’ his head on the edge of the pool.

He screams like a siren.

Just like he does if his toe gets stepped on.

I calmly put the camera down and Dad beats me to him, shhh-shing him in the process.


But a flash of white and then lots of red tell me it is not good at all.


2010 April- Florida 704

We’ve been in the pool for about 5 minutes.

The personnel ask lots of questions before they whisk D and M off (after a blessing) in a hotel car to the E.R.

I stay back, bathe the babies and put them down for bed with bad reception on my phone, as I attempt to update family as D updates me.

E wakes up and vomits all over the carpet.

C wakes up while I’m cleaning it.

A serious scrub, some shots, a CT scan, 8 stitches (4 internal, 4 external) and 5 hours later, they return. 

He didn’t even cry.

Just went straight for the suckers.

What a trooper. 

Welcome to Florida, Disneyworld 2011!


2010 April- Florida 707


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eAsTer 2011

Since we were in Florida eating our Easter dinner at Rainforest CafĂ© with all the Jews who don’t celebrate Easter, my kids had to dress up a week late when we got back.  They didn’t exactly cooperate, but they sure are cute anyway!





2010 April- Florida 8832010 April- Florida 884

2010 April- Florida 8852010 April- Florida 886

2010 April- Florida 8872010 April- Florida 888

2010 April- Florida 8892010 April- Florida 8902010 April- Florida 8912010 April- Florida 8922010 April- Florida 8932010 April- Florida 894

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bAseBall and my sleePy bOy



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Friday, June 24, 2011

mY shiP, Day 8


Cruise day 1.3jpg


Day 8  I was soooo glad to be going home, as my children were beginning to feel like distant memories, too good to be true.  We decided since we had some time to kill before our flight, it would be a great opportunity to do some gator hunting.










A Dead gator.  The only one slow enough for me to get a picture of Smile





A tortoise whose owners didn’t put it in a big enough cage, therefore disfiguring his poor shell.





It was : early, loud, cold, fast, exciting, FUN

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