tHe FonduE FaMily: Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate

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Well hello there.  I realize I have been a little more absent from the blogging world than usual.  I blame it on a general lack of motivation.  And being overwhelmingly behind.  And mulling over some new ideas and changes in my head, as well as being pretty busy.  But mostly laziness! 

I have been playing with the idea of returning our blog to public for a long time, but every time I considered it, I drew strength from those around me who never wavered from their decision to go private, as well as all of the horror stories I continued to hear.  To me, it was such a small price to pay to ensure that my little family was completely safe, by eliminating even the smallest risk.
Still, what about all my nonrisk taking public friends without incident?  What about Nienie??! I did also hear that private blogs can be hacked and I wanted to use that as an excuse, but I had no evidence.  I thought about not using our names, but what about the pictures?  And why did I even care about going public when blogging seemed to have become slightly uncool anyway and only us diehards, determined to have a family journal/ writing outlet kept pressing on without any encouragement via comments?
The small twinge of jealousy felt when a few fellow private bloggers made the big switch back to public indicated that perhaps, deep down, I must care a little.

And also, the timing of it all has come in to play as I have just slurped all of our last year into a book and that blog will  remain accessible to those with special permission, only.  However, it will be inactive.
So it was now or never: And here I am.  From here on out, we will be known on this blog as D, A, M, C and E Fondue family.  So please adjust your comments accordingly!
And alas, I am easily spooked, so even the smallest of issues will send me running right back to my private hiding place.
But it’s exciting to be back!

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