Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Just a really cute kindergartner I know.



A's Iphone 123



M’s first football season.

It was instantaneous love.

He can still be found playing football on the Wii or PlayStation, watching football with his dad, tackling his brother or passing to himself.

And putting my firstborn in football may be just what D needed to do to make me finally discover a love for this sport.

Well played, D, well played!




Look closely and you might recognize the hot coach.


A's Iphone Oct 077







A's Iphone 108


A's Iphone 107


A's Iphone 106


A's Iphone 105


A's Iphone 104


A's Iphone 103


A's Iphone 102




A's Iphone 100






A's Iphone Oct 075

A's Iphone Oct 074




white camera Josie to winter 310



white camera Josie to winter 311



white camera Josie to winter 312


white camera Josie to winter 313


white camera Josie to winter 314


white camera Josie to winter 315


white camera Josie to winter 316

white camera Josie to winter 317



Two cute boys at bedtime

A's Iphone 070


A's Iphone 069




Sky coaster at Lagoon


A's Iphone 067

A's Iphone 065


A's Iphone 062


A's Iphone 061



Fair time

A's Iphone 049




Danny's IPhone Sep 13 2012 040

A's Iphone Oct 085

A's Iphone Oct 084

A's Iphone Oct 086


A's Iphone Oct 087



A's Iphone Oct 089



A's Iphone Oct 090







A's Iphone Oct 091

Party at Station Park

Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 043




Got me a new ride







A's Iphone Oct 076



Sold D’s old ride which was kinda sad, cuz it was as old as our marriage!

It went from being HIS car, to OUR car, to MY car (he got my crap Taurus), back to HIS car (I got a new Jetta), to MY car (I had too many babies for a Jetta), to HIS car (I had too many babies for a car and got an Acadia).

But don’t feel too bad.

He got a new car as well. (just need to take a pic of him in it sometime!)


Bye Bye Grand Prix!

Off to rediscover youth and adolescent memories as some teenager’s first set of wheels!


A's Iphone Oct 094




Cute guy and his babe


A's Iphone Oct 092





Discovering the old saucer!

A's Iphone Oct 101


A's Iphone Oct 102


A's Iphone Oct 103


A's Iphone Oct 104



Some kiddos I know, some happier than others

A's Iphone Oct 097


A's Iphone Oct 098


A's Iphone Oct 099

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

bAck to Scewl: FonDue StylE



Day 1 Phase 1 Kid 1



White camera pics 190


White camera pics 189


White camera pics 191


White camera pics 192


C’s Meet n greet with her teacher did not start until later, so she didn’t have to be ready to go as early as M.

But we still snagged her for a few sibling photos.



White camera pics 193

Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 029

White camera pics 194


Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 030


Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 032


So then Thing 3 got a little jealous and had to join in the fun!



Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 033


White camera pics 195

Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 034


Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 036

White camera pics 196





A's Iphone 092



White camera pics 197


A's Iphone 089


A's Iphone 090




White camera pics 198


Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 038




Day 1 Phase 2 Kid 2

White camera pics 199

(somehow we always end up with an underwear shot!)



A's Iphone 086


A's Iphone 087



A's Iphone 091


White camera pics 205


White camera pics 204



White camera pics 203


White camera pics 202


White camera pics 201


White camera pics 200


D took her to meet her teacher.  I though M was excited when he began kindergarten  . . . I had NO idea what excited was!

This girl giggled and shook in her bed every night before school and reminded us about it no less than 1000 times a day!


Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 039


Danny's IPhone Sept 13 2012 040



Day 2 Phase 2 Kid 2

(M rode the bus)

(her real first day)

White camera pics 206


White camera pics 207


White camera pics 208

(the new shoes that gave her blisters.  She still refers to them as “the shoes that used to hurt my feet.”)


A's Iphone 093


A's Iphone 094



There she goes

A's Iphone 095



Day 2 Phase 3 Kid 3


His first day at home with Mama as the oldest child


A's Iphone 096


She’s Hoooome!

White camera pics 209


White camera pics 210



Our new life- PJ’s and sweet babies

White camera pics 211


White camera pics 212


White camera pics 213


White camera pics 214

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