Thursday, August 30, 2012

fiRst phOto ShooT for J




My good friend came over and took pictures for us in the comfort of our own home (huge blessing when you’ve just had a baby).

She did such a great job capturing our

chin quivering,

fist balling,

tongue clicking,



eye crossing,








little angel in all her teeny tiny glory,

from her cute little red eye down to her little baby toes.

And little baby J just wanted to stay awake and calmly stare straight ahead.

I. Love. My. Newborns!! (and the amazing spirit they bring into my life)

Heaven help me from having like 5 billion of these things!






























































































We also learned that her middle name held significance for 3 grandma’s, which made me love it even more!

You are so precious to us baby J!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wEEk 1 as 6

Dear Baby Jo,

So many hands awaited your arrival at home.

I actually got anxiety as I set the timer and monitored each person who held you.

And I felt much better when your siblings started coughing soon after we brought you home and we just banned everyone from touching you.

Of course then I worried you would get their coughs . . .



A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 029


Quite funny how you struggled so badly to get the right latch for milk each time at first, especially when you were super hungry!  And my milk must have been carbonated because you truly had to burp between sides and afterward, loud and hard!


Reactions when you nursed:

M:  Asked lots of questions and then nodded like it made sense and and worked for him!  He wanted to know what I was doing, if it hurt, what you were eating and why Daddys couldn’t do it (he assumed they were too hairy:)

C: Also asked lots of questions, wanted to help me pump (no thanks) and had her friend (apparently her wet nurse) nurse her baby doll.  She also gets very defensive of me and my privacy and wants to know names of body parts as well as differences between hers and mine.  She told me when she gets big she can have as many babies as she wants and nurse them.  I found her baby bottle soaking in water like she often saw us doing to warm bottles.  Once when you were fussy she said, “I think she just wants your nips!”

She had quite a shock to her system on the first night you were home when she told me to go ahead and finish feeding you and then she would change you and take you upstairs to bed.  When I told her differently, she ran upstairs screaming and crying, slammed her door and did not come out for awhile.  After that, she was just grateful for anyway I let her help with “her baby.”

E: Started crying and pushing you away and said “No, Don’t eat Mamma!”  Then I told him you were drinking milk and he said “Oh.  Eating?”  Then he would push you away and say “Nuf!”  Then one day he lifted up his shirt and said “Do me J, do me!”  When he saw me using my handheld pump he said “Mom, Don’t shoot me!”  I’ve also spied him nursing his teddy bears.


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 031


I was trying to show my sister that you were wearing her hat and booties from her. 

But it was dark.

Picture quality, super bad.

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 033




A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 034


You slept all day.

And partied all night.

We had 3 cute little visitors peek their heads into our room that first night.


Poor Dad had to get up and go to this sweet girl’s preschool graduation.

(I was not exactly feeling up to it).

Luckily Nana was there to help video.

This was our third consecutive year paying for preschool before we would get one year off!

(these garage pictures never quite turn out)


D's phone Spring and Josie 080

D's phone Spring and Josie 082

D's phone Spring and Josie 084

D's phone Spring and Josie 085

D's phone Spring and Josie 086

May 21 Jocelynn 073

May 21 Jocelynn 074

May 21 Jocelynn 075

She’s a little nervous.

May 21 Jocelynn 076

May 21 Jocelynn 077

May 21 Jocelynn 078

May 21 Jocelynn 079



And her wonderful teachers, Miss Shaun

May 21 Jocelynn 081



And Miss Lisa

See you guys in two years!!

May 21 Jocelynn 082



That night you were up til 4:30! 

It was brutal.

Nana kept getting frustrated that we didn’t wake her up to help, but I needed her to have her energy so she could deal with your brothers and sister.

I did deliver you to her a couple of mornings around 5 or 6 though.

Of course you just slept at that point.



The next day, we gave you your first sponge bath at home (with help from Rapunzel) while Nana took M to his school picnic.

(the photographer was under strict instruction not to include me in the pictures and he failed!))


May 21 Jocelynn 083


May 21 Jocelynn 084


May 21 Jocelynn 085


May 21 Jocelynn 086


May 21 Jocelynn 087


May 21 Jocelynn 088



Your eyelashes were multiplying and you had a sad rash on your chin we could not get rid of.


May 21 Jocelynn 089



May 21 Jocelynn 091



Uh this is E.  Guess I better make sure these are all labeled!!



2009 Fall Emmett 001


May 21 Jocelynn 092


You did not love it.

A little cold!

May 21 Jocelynn 093


The only binki you would take!!

May 21 Jocelynn 094


Though your brother nearly caused a few breakdowns by trying to pick you up (instilling fear I’d jeopardized your life by bringing you home) he also kept us laughing.

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 036


As per usual, Nana was my in home nanny/cook/laundress/housekeeper/hair salon so I could just take care of you and recover.

On that note, I was super sore, though I had no stitches or tears.

It didn’t help that I slipped on some water left from D’s shower and tried to do the splits.

We joked that I had pulled my uterus.

(Does it seem that some things are just not kept sacred with us?  I bet you wanted to know about that!)


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 038



On your way to your five day appointment.

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 040


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 041


You were not quite at your birth weight, which shocked me!  All of my babies are at or past their birth weight by now!

The nurse in the hospital had tried to warn me when she weighed you there that you had probably lost weight and I told her “Not my babies.”

She came back and said “Wow!  You were right!  She hasn’t lost an ounce!”

So that’s why even though Dr. Sigg kept saying how wonderful your weight was, I sat puzzled.


We attempted a bottle and it was a big fat failure.

You got so worked up that you wouldn’t even nurse and then you finally just went to sleep.


D's phone Spring and Josie 093



All my babies have about the same length / color or hair!  But I think E’s got ya!



J’s head

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 043


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 044



E’s head


2009 Fall Emmett 440



Within those first few days, I rolled my tongue and you smiled at me!

I didn’t tell anyone about it since I assumed they wouldn’t believe me, but a day later, you smiled at Nana!


Nana provided BBQ (the one she was supposed to host) for us night one, and then we had a delicious meal brought the next day.

Friday we ordered in and then Saturday, Linds had us over for tacos.

Mom made us a roast for dinner on Sunday and then beef pot pie for Monday (Memorial Day) before she left.

(she tried to skip out a day early but I asked her what the purpose of going into labor Memorial Day weekend was if she left on Sunday!!)

I won!

D's phone Spring and Josie 095


I cried (as I always do) when my mommy left.

I feel so scared and helpless when she leaves after a new baby and I didn’t think I could do it, especially with the 3 beasts I already had, whom I was able to ignore for a week and just focus on my new precious miracle,


D hugged me and promised to step in where she left off, so I hesitantly let her go.


Right after she left, you took your first bottle.


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 042


And right after, you took a nap in your swing while I tried to get a picture


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 071


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 072


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 073



And more cross dressing

Sorry, he likes to upstage:)

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 045


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 046



A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 047



A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 048


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 049



We went to Lagoon as a family to walk around and let me out of my dungeon and then that night before bed, you smiled at Daddy.

I tried to get it on the phone camera, and was a little successful.

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 051


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 053A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 054


Your resemblance to your sister was still uncanny!


Baby C

2007 Charlizes birth 079


Baby J

D's phone Spring and Josie 113



Baby C

2007 Charlizes birth 105


Baby J

D's phone Spring and Josie 112



Baby J

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 076A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 077



Baby C!!

2010 camera card 108



Baby J

A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 081A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 078



Baby C


2010 camera card 099

2010 camera card 097


Baby J


A's Iphone Baby Josie through June 050

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