Monday, May 21, 2012

morE preGnanT me- headEd into the 3Rd streTch

Felt baby FO. SHO. close to 20 weeks.

Then she became a constant mover and a shaker.

The kids have all gotten to feel her at least once, which amazes them.


Even though it seemed to be the slowest, most gradual process ever, the worst of the pregnancy symptoms did begin to subside sometime in the late 20-ish weeks.

Even then, the sickness still visited late at night (when I should have been in bed) and I often burped up/barfed up grease from the dinner I had eaten several hours before, or anything I had tried to eat/drink since.

Especially if I had attempted any water.

So strange. (you’re welcome for the graphic details)

But seriously, poor D is so sick of me pointing out the nasty grease.

And whining about my burning esophagus!



I was told I was anemic, which came as no shock since fatigue has pretty much stuck around for the long haul the entire length of the pregnancy.

I moan in my sleep (usually laughing in a dream and waking myself up)- D and I both giggle

and I wake up in a puddle of drool every morning and after every nap.

I could be wrong, but I doubt having 3 kids 6 and under helps with the tiredness either:)

And thank goodness for my snoogle!


Can’t remember much else at the moment- may have to add later!



Lighting was so bad= poor picture quality

A's Iphone, early spring 2012 040


A's Iphone, early spring 2012 041


A's Iphone, early spring 2012 042

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

VeGas MarCh 2012


Our husbands were kind enough to allow us 3 chicas a quick little jaunt to Vegas.

Sun, Lava Flows, shopping and weirdos were definitely in abundance.

We got star treatment everywhere we went, and every night we went to bed later and later.

And then slept in later and later

The only dark clouds were


No hubbies,


um, hello I was like 33 weeks prego-



I messed/froze up my phone as I was running out the door to catch our flight.

That meant I had a tough time staying in touch with D, the kiddos and the WORLD for the first couple of days.

Once I got to an Apple store, they had to wipe the entire thing CLEAN which was also very upsetting.

Other than that, I didn’t let the belly hold me back too much. . .


And besides, I got plenty of legitimate advice, such as:

A glass of wine is just fine as long as you aren’t in your 1st trimester,

preggos should NOT sit in the front seat with the airbags,

I carry this baby extremely low-

and of course, lots of Congratulations and baby name suggestions.

One Wacko nice lady even rubbed my hand, looked into my eyes and blessed my unborn child for me.

People in Vegas are really into obstetrics.

Who knew, right??




Stayed @ The Luxor

A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 008



Went to Mystere

A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 009


Saw all the sights

A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 010


White camera Spring 2012 317


Got some R&R


A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 013



A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 014


A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 015



Ate a lot

A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 017



Gambled away our savings (ok not really- truth be told, I don’t even know how to play)

White camera Spring 2012 318





White camera Spring 2012 319



And hung out at the cowboy bar Gilly’s?  where I got asked if I was 22.  Which I likedSmile 

White camera Spring 2012 320


White camera Spring 2012 321




While we were away, I occasionally received pics from home that made me smile, such as these.


Danny' pic 141


Danny' pic 142


Which compelled me to get back on the plane


and get back to those sweet faces that I’d kinda missed.

But only a little:)


A Iphone pics spring 2012 more 012

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

All thiNgs LoVe


All things L*O*V*E* . . .









Danny' pic 046


Danny' pic 047


Danny' pic 048


Danny' pic 049



Books/ FHE

Danny' pic 038


Danny' pic 039


Danny' pic 040


Danny' pic 042


Danny' pic 043


Danny' pic 044


Danny' pic 045





Potty training (k maybe just the end result)


Danny' pic 089

Danny' pic 090

Danny' pic 091







Danny' pic 093







Suckers/ Costco


Danny' pic 096




Danny' pic 098

Danny' pic 099


Danny' pic 100







Singing Kindergartners


Danny' pic 103


Danny' pic 104


Danny' pic 105


Danny' pic 108







Long distance Valentine’s Day hugs from Cuzns


A's iPhone January and February instagram 028







Up close hugs from cuzns!!

Danny' pic 111

Danny' pic 113



Danny' pic 114






Danny' pic 115




Danny' pic 117



Danny' pic 118


Danny' pic 119


Danny' pic 120


Danny' pic 121








Newborn babes and their blessings over St. Patty’s

instagrams photos February 008

instagrams photos February 009



Spring 2012 more 005


Spring 2012 more 006


Spring 2012 more 007







Silly Fondue cuzns and Grandparents who serve missions!

Danny' pic 123


Danny' pic 124




Danny' pic 126


Danny' pic 127


Danny' pic 134

Danny' pic 140


Danny' pic 139

Danny' pic 135

Danny' pic 138

Danny' pic 137




Danny' pic 136









Um.  Candid photos taken from short photographers while decorating the baby room . . .


Danny' pic 128


Danny' pic 129


Danny' pic 131


Danny' pic 132






Cross dressing little boys with big alligator tears when brother and sister leave for school, who just wanna go outside in any shoes they can find


instagrams photos February 001






And cause trouble when left alone for too long  . . .


A's Iphone, early spring 2012 004





And enjoy/need one on one time and bike rides in the trailer . . .


instagrams photos February 010

instagrams photos February 011


instagrams photos February 012



instagrams photos February 013


instagrams photos February 015

instagrams photos February 016




And still do a little cross dressing when sister is home . . .



A's Iphone, early spring 2012 002


A's Iphone, early spring 2012 003


A's Iphone, early spring 2012 001






And still get worn out after too much fun



instagrams photos February 003


instagrams photos February 004







Field trips to chocolate candy stores


instagrams photos February 005


instagrams photos February 006


instagrams photos February 007




Heart attacked doors and compliments read every night before bed



Angela's Iphone Jan and Feb and instagram 004





Forts created by Daddy

Angela's Iphone Jan and Feb and instagram 002


Angela's Iphone Jan and Feb and instagram 003





And lovey dovey toes.


(Don’t look too close, pic not taken til it was time for some polish remover 1 month later)

Angela's Iphone Jan and Feb and instagram 011

Angela's Iphone Jan and Feb and instagram 012



Happy Love Day/ St. Patty’s Day to all!!

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