Monday, November 05, 2012

a NAmE aNd a bleSSing

White camera pics 001



You can really see her red eye and her dry nose in this one with her big brother!!

White camera pics 002




And what her big sister does to all her mosquito bites in this one . . .

White camera pics 003


White camera pics 005


White camera pics 006


White camera pics 007



This one just has mischief in his eyes!

He and his bro both got their summer haircuts from Nana!


White camera pics 008




Bath from Daddy!

White camera pics 010


White camera pics 011



Blessed June 24th by her very own daddy in the dress made by her great grandma that her mom, aunts, cousins and sister all wore.

Dad did a great job, as usual, despite being quite nervous and emotional, as usual.

The spirit may or may not have been disrupted right when the blessing began as I discovered I was missing a kid!

Turned out he was just hiding under one of the benches next to his cousins.

I’ll let you guess which kid it was:)

All family on both sides were in attendance except Grandma and Grandpa Fondue (on a mission) and the Roberts cousins (in Tennessee):(







P.S. my cousin said it perfectly when she proclaimed that blessing pictures are around to prove that you didn’t look as good as you thought you did.

Somehow the way I felt as my first venture out of sweats doesn’t quite match what the camera saw!

And my take home notes from the following pictures were to clean off my camera lens and . . . ahem, learn to sit like a lady. 

Good heavens!!

White camera pics 051


White camera pics 052


White camera pics 053



White camera pics 054



White camera pics 055


White camera pics 056



White camera pics 057




White camera pics 058



White camera pics 059




White camera pics 060


White camera pics 061



White camera pics 062


White camera pics 063



The kitchen crew.

We took our smorgasbord large enough for an army to a pavilion in the 100 degree sun.


White camera pics 064



White camera pics 065



White camera pics 072



White camera pics 073



White camera pics 074



White camera pics 075



White camera pics 076




White camera pics 077


White camera pics 078



White camera pics 079



White camera pics 080




Her big sister:





And her

White camera pics 066White camera pics 070

White camera pics 067White camera pics 068White camera pics 069White camera pics 071



The burpiest baby I’ve ever met!!

And when I told the doctor so at 2 weeks, he said “Good!  That’s what most babies struggle with most and it causes tummy aches.”

When you got full you just gave up eating and went to sleep until you were burped.

You burped loud and usually at least twice in a row, and then would go right back to eating.

Would not go back to sleep unless you had burped!


Smiling at 2 weeks like a 6 weeker.

So cute when you scrunched your nose as you grinned.

Sometimes, you just scrunched your nose!


Loooved gas drops from the moment it touched your lips.

First kid to spit up Tylenol.


Leaned into kisses in a way that made us poke you in the eye with our noses!


Called “pancake” by older brother. ( I think he meant cupcake)


Heat rashes like crazy- big breakout right before the blessing.  (of course)


The longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on a newborn.

They quadrupled in length and thickness every day and it was the first thing our Tennessee cousins noticed when they got to meet you in July.


Didn’t LOVE the binky- but the one you would take was of course, the discontinued one.

By five months we got you to tolerate the gumdrops ones from the store.


Lost your hair on top- as suspected, leaving you with awesome old man mullet hair.

New hair came in lighter.


Stuffy nose- just like sissy always had.

Loud breather.


Clogged tear duct- lasted a few months.


Bottle sometimes.

Never loved it though.

Began to loath it.

Currently not taking it . . .


Red eye went away by about 3 weeks.


Rolled at just a few weeks.



Sat up in the Bumbo the first time I put you in it.


Cooing at 2 months.


Standing on legs by 2 months.


Got to a point where u acted like you didn’t feel safe when bro or sis held you.


Giggled at 2 months.

At patty cake.

Being tickled.



Peek a boo.

Sister dancing.

When scared.


Also cooed back and forth with Mom!


Still looks just like sister.


And pinches just like sister did.


Tried being a Mama’s girl like sister but Dad wouldn’t have it:)


Chubby at 2 months.


Sucking on hands (double fisted) by 2 1/2 months.

Soooooo drooly.


Began fussing to sleep by a couple of months.

We would put you down when you were clearly exhausted and you would always cry for about 30 seconds and then go to sleep, no matter what.

Pretty cute.


Rolled both ways at 3 months.


Sucking on EVERYTHING at 4 months.


Could/can not establish a schedule.

By this time my kids usually go to sleep about the same time every night and wake the same time.

Sometimes you go to bed around 8-10ish and sometimes you will not!

Sometimes you settle right down, sometimes not!

Sometimes you sleep through the night and sometimes you wake around 2-4 and I have to give you the binky!

You eat in the morning between 5-8!

We started you on cereal before bed and sometimes you love it, sometimes you do not!

Sometimes you nurse really well right after you eat and right before you sleep, sometimes you do not!

Needless to say, I have a whole freezer full of pumped milk to bridge the gaps of your inconsistency!


And speaking of nursing, you are the nosiest eater I have ever met!

I have to go to a silent room or you whip your head around to see who is talking or making a sound, often spraying yourself in the face and drenching me!


Ears pierced at almost 5 months.

You cried until I let you taste a sucker:)


First tooth at 5 months.

Second tooth next day.

Some fussy nights explained:)


Say “Da da” in the softest cutest voice ever.


Bouncy from your jumparoo!


Found your tongue.


Growled at us.  So cute!


Though I would prefer you didn’t wake me at 5 AM every morning to eat, I cherish the time that I sit alone with you and rock you as you eat.  When you finish, you lay your head down on me and snuggle in.  It’s my heaven.

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